In support of the Squirrel Hills Trail Park, Valley Life Recreation, in collaboration with A&L Cycle and Stream N Wood, are pleased to announce the Outdoors For Everyone lottery.

Today marks the launch of an exciting lottery through which a total of $20,000 in prize vouchers will be given away to be spent at two of our favourite outdoor recreation stores in Brandon, Manitoba: A&L Cycle and Stream N Wood!

Winners of this lottery can win 1 of 6 vouchers: 2x $1,000 Early Bird Draws, 2x $1,000 Main Prize Draws, and 2x $8,000 Grand Prize Draws!

Can you imagine what $8,000 could buy for you, or your family? A whole lot of outdoor fun, that’s what! Think: mountain bikes, fat bikes, kayaks, skis, snowboards, running equipment, e-bikes, snowshoes, scooters, clothing, etc. (Conditions apply, see valleyliferec.ca/lottery for complete details.)

Tickets for the Outdoors For Everyone lottery are available online NOW for just $20/each, 3 for $50, or 7 for $100. (For e-transfer, cheque, or cash ticket purchasing options, please see valleyliferec.ca/lottery)

When we first heard that Valley Life Recreation was starting a multi-use trail project with the same designers that created the Northgate trail system up by Dauphin, we were instantly very excited. Minnedosa has fantastic terrain for a variety of outdoor activities which aligns with our store values of “Make Every Day an Adventure.” Due to the close proximity from Brandon, the new trail system will get lots of users from Brandon and surrounding communities. We were honoured to be approached by Valley Life Recreation to be a part of this great project and we are excited to see another great trail system in our province!

Stream N Wood

A&C Cycle and Stream N Wood have long served Manitobans with high quality outdoor recreation equipment. In addition to product sales, both stores offer a full service department to make sure you’re back to recreating outside in no time! Their knowledgable staff will help you make the most of your time outdoors, from that first e-bike, set of skis or mountain bike, all the way up to the seasoned outdoor hikers, runners and kayakers.

We, the crew at A&L Cycle, are pleased to partner with Valley Life Recreation on the Outdoors For Everyone lottery fund raiser for the Squirrel Hills Trail Park. We believe that the trail system will be a great addition to the Westman area and is a key component in keeping people active and enjoying the beautiful Manitoba outdoors. We are looking forward to trying out the completed trail system and experiencing the Little Saskatchewan River valley.

A&L Cycle

A total of $10,000 in vouchers will be given away for use at A&L Cycle and another total of $10,000 in vouchers will be given away for use at Stream N Wood. Imagine, what would you spend one of the $8,000 grand prize vouchers on? How would one of these prizes increase your access to outdoor recreation?

Words can’t express how appreciative the Board of VLR is that both A&L Cycle and Stream N Wood are collaborating with us on this lottery. To have this type of effort put forth for the benefit of our local community and truly that of the entire Westman region means so much to all trail users. Both of these stores mean a lot to our Board and how they/we use trails and we can’t wait to invite more outdoor enthusiasts to experience what these stores have to offer. This fundraising campaign, made possible because of the generosity of Stream N Wood and A&L Cycle, has the potential to dramatically advance the VLR funding goals for the Squirrel Hills Trail Park, furthering the vision for a 2022 park build. Thank you to you both for your support.

Dave Ternier, VLR Board Chair

The Outdoors For Everyone Early Bird draw date is January 12, 2022 and the Final and Grand Prize draws will take place on February 16, 2022. Prize conditions and lottery rules are available online at valleyliferec.ca/lottery.

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