Your gift adds to the miracle of Ole.

Your gift in Ole’s name is a very generous and thoughtful contribution to the Squirrel Hills Trail Park and what will become one small part of Ole’s incredible legacy. Thank you. If you feel inclined to share what moved you to give in this way, please help us spread the word to ensure Ole’s story and inspiration reaches as many as possible. Feel free to write your own, or copy/paste any of the sample texts below to your social media account(s).

And remember, Ride/Run/Ski/Swim/Live Like Ole.

I am truly honoured to do my part in keeping this man’s story alive by helping the Squirrel Hills Trail Park honour the memory of Ole Heie. Please consider giving in his name to support the August 21st Ride Like Ole event.

Support these riders as they embark on a 172 km mountain bike ride to honour the memory of a incredible human who was taken from us far to soon.

As a parent myself, words can not describe my feelings around this story. Good luck to the riders of this incredible memorial ride and may Ole’s spirit carry them toward their destination.

Ole Heie

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” ~ Steve Prefontaine

About Ole Heie

Ole Heie, an aspiring 12-year-old elite athlete was suddenly taken from us on July 10, 2021 while out for a run.

Ole’s passion and drive became apparent at the age of 2 years when he put on his first set of cross country skis and he seemed a natural right from the start. He fell – a lot – and just got right back up with a face full of snow and a beaming smile and kept on going. He was a lifelong member of the Camrose Ski Club & Jr. Vikings. A driven and dedicated athlete, Ole quickly became well known in the Nordic and running communities and recently crushed some pretty impressive goals. He reached 1000 KM in his first 54 days of the last ski season, made national news with his single day 100 KM ski and completed his first 50 KM ultra marathon with an 1800 metre elevation gain this spring. Ole’s smile, adventurous passion and positive spirit was infectious to all who had the honour of knowing him.

Ole and his family have strong ties to the Minnedosa area as his Mom, Leigh, daughter of Randy & Gwen Usick, was born and raised here. The family could often be found enjoying the number of trails throughout the community, including the Squirrel Hills Recreation Area which Ole simply loved. Cross country skiing, biathlon, running, swimming, mountain biking and road cycling became important passions and talents that Ole choose to pursue, gaining endless skills and friendships along the way.

Although usually the first to finish a race, his success never went to his head. Ole thrived off of being humble and treated everyone equal, no matter what their level. This little Legend had a heart of Gold and was always looking out for others. He viewed his competitors as future teammates and would usually be found enthusiastically cheering the last racer across the finish line – no matter the weather or who it was. He had a natural way of creating energy that motivated those around him and a determination to wish others well. He was a living example of love and a true gift of inspiration. To Ole, sport wasn’t just racing, it was for seeing friends, pushing oneself, celebrating gains, encouraging each other, sharing hope, helping each other through his kind gentleness, his caring attitude and shear passion for his beloved sport in enjoying every single moment. Ole shared his philosophy and passion as a proud brand ambassador for Salomon Athletics Company and was also a gifted musician and conscientious student who lived life to its fullest.

Ole had his heart set on one day becoming an Olympian. By the presence of the flag bearer from the Korean Olympics and former and present Olympians at his Celebration of Life, it appears as though he was already a part of Team Canada!

On behalf of the Heie and Usick family and Valley Life Recreation, thank you for letting Ole’s story into your life. We hope he inspires you every day, like he does us and so many others whose lives he touched.