Valley Life Recreation Inc.

A charitable not-for-profit incorporated in the province of Manitoba


Valley Life Recreation Incorporated (VLR) was initially established as Minnedosa River’s Edge Park Incorporated, a not-for-profit corporation in the province of Manitoba on November 14, 2012. The organization received charitable status effective March 27, 2014 which it maintains to this day.

Minnedosa River’s Edge Park Inc. spent the ensuing years developing a dog park, disc golf course, bike park and trails in the community of Minnedosa.

In early 2020, the Directors of Minnedosa River’s Edge Park Inc. brought on new Directors (Tim Frykoda, Paul Archbutt and Richard Dupuis from Prairie Mountain Cycling) to further the work of the organization specific to trails development in the Minnedosa region.

After some discussion in early November 2020, it was decided that the organization would be renamed without specific affiliation to any one sport. After requesting public community input, it was decided that Minnedosa River’s Edge Park Inc. would be formally renamed to Valley Life Recreation Incorporated (VLR). The name change was formally completed in early 2021.

VLR has since pursued a primarily trails-focused mandate while also maintaining, revitalizing (where needed), and promoting the existing dog park, disc golf course and bike park. One of the original goals of the initial organization to establish a skate park also remains a part of the long-term vision for VLR.


Executive Committee Board Members

Dave Ternier
Board Chair & Governance Chair

Paul Archbutt
Vice-Chair & Finance Chair

Dominique Hampton
Secretary & Communications Chair

Board Members

Ian Pinette
Infrastructure Chair

Carrie McCallum
Fundraising Chair

Tim Frykoda

Tom Instance

Greg Bradco

Richard Dupuis

Steven Dyce