FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Minnedosa Rotary Club supports the Squirrel Hills Trail Park with $5,000

“For more than 110 years, Rotary’s people of action have used their passion, energy, and intelligence to take action on sustainable projects. From literacy and peace to water and health, we are always working to better our world, and we stay committed to the end.”

The above paragraph comes from Rotary’s website and sets the tone for today’s new announcement of support that the Minnedosa Rotary Club has made toward the community of Minnedosa.

Valley Life Recreation (VLR) is pleased to announce that the passionate people that make up Minnedosa’s Rotary Club have now made a $5,000 contribution toward the coming Squirrel Hills Trail Park.

Minnedosa Rotary Club members and Valley Life Recreation Board members on the Minnedosa Rotary Club swinging bridge.

Minnedosa’s Rotary Club has also provided incredible assistance to the VLR Board in terms of long-term park planning to ensure this new piece of community infrastructure remains a source of pride for years and generations to come.

The Minnedosa Rotary Club has been impressed with the dedication and commitment that the Valley Life Recreation Board and members have to the community of Minnedosa. Their enthusiasm for outdoor recreation and leading by example attitude are so much a part of their success so far.

This trail system builds on the unique geographical structures that we have in this wonderful valley. It was the vision of the trail system that our Club was intrigued with and why we asked so many questions about long term sustainability, grooming and maintenance.

Every time the VLR committee came back to us with answers to our questions it added more to their vision. It has been wonderful to see this project get closer to reaching its goal of launching. We have no doubt that it will get finished and add another amazing outdoor adventure to enhance the Valley Life of Minnedosa and surrounding area.

Roberta Galbraith, Minnedosa Rotary Club President

As witnessed by the swinging bridge near Minnedosa’s Heritage Village that has carried people over the Little Saskatchewan River for decades, Minnedosa’s Rotary Club has long demonstrated the Rotary commitment to bettering the world and staying committed for the long term. For over 75 years, this club and its members have served the community of Minnedosa. Valley Life Recreation is honoured to see this commitment continue through the Squirrel Hills Trail Park that will soon begin serving generations of Minnedosa residents and those travelling to visit the region.

In addition to this financial commitment, the many months of organizational support that local Rotary President Roberta Galbraith and her team have provided VLR with has been remarkable. On behalf of the VLR Board, we couldn’t be more appreciative for their commitment to the success of our organization and the long-term life of this project. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship between our two organizations.

Dave Ternier, VLR Board Chair

With this new financial commitment, Valley Life Recreation continues to move closer and closer toward their fundraising goals. More announcements and detailed trail park updates will follow in the coming weeks.


View the entire list of Squirrel Hills Trail Park supporters here.

If you represent a family, organization, business, or farm that may be interested in leaving a longstanding legacy through the Squirrel Hills Trail Park, please contact us.

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