FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Richardson International Limited supports the Squirrel Hills Trail Park with $50,000

With great excitement, Valley Life Recreation is proud to announce that funding for the coming Squirrel Hills Trail Park has now grown by another $50,000, thanks to Richardson International Limited.

Pictured below is Bruce Curle, Director of Operations for Richardson Pioneer in Minnedosa, along with Area Marketing Rep, Nick Cameron, presenting a cheque for $50,000 from Richardson International Limited to VLR Board members Richard Dupuis, Dominique Hampton, Paul Archbutt and Dave Ternier.

Through the Richardson Foundation, Richardson International Limited contributes to the work of countless charitable organizations and valuable community projects across Manitoba. VLR is so proud to have them become a part of the legacy being created through the coming Squirrel Hills Trail Park, located on the west side of the highway from Richardson Pioneer Minnedosa.

“We’re thrilled to have the legacy of the Richardson group of companies play a role in helping the Squirrel Hills Trail Park come to life. This trail park is being built for current and many generations of the future, echoing the multi-generational impact the Richardson family has left across communities here in Manitoba. We’d like to express a sincere thanks to Bruce Curle for his enthusiastic and local support for the Squirrel Hills Trail Park which played an important role in the decision that led to today’s funding announcement.”

Dave Ternier, VLR Board Chair

This incredible funding announcement brings the formal total raised for the Squirrel Hills Trail Park to $421,000. VLR has also received two more funding decisions that total an additional $100,000 in funding that will bring the total raised to $521,000. Those funding decisions will be shared as soon as funding agreements have been finalized and announcements with those funders have been coordinated.

Made possible by todays funding announcement and the overall funding goals accomplished by Valley Life Recreation so far, stay tuned to all VLR social channels and local media for our very first construction announcement coming on Tuesday, July 12, 2022. The Board of VLR can’t wait to share this incredible news with you all!

Until then, check out the details for VLR’s very first Trails Golf Tournament coming up on August 20, 2022 at the Minnedosa Golf & Country Club. For tournament sponsorship information, please see the Sponsor Letter.


View the entire list of Squirrel Hills Trail Park supporters here.

If you represent a family, organization, business, or farm that may be interested in leaving a longstanding legacy through the Squirrel Hills Trail Park, please contact us.

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