FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sunrise Credit Union sponsors the Squirrel Hills Trail Park with $50K

Valley Life Recreation and Sunrise Credit Union are proud to announce their new partnership in the Squirrel Hills Trail Park. Sunrise Credit Union will be contributing $50,000 toward park construction and will be recognized for their contribution through naming of the pavilion that will be located at the park trailhead.

“People in the Minnedosa and Westman area love the outdoors. For many of us, it’s an important part of who we are,” said Minnedosa branch manager Terry McLenehan.

“We are excited to be able to support an initiative that will create a world-class trail network that members of our community will enjoy. We also look forward to welcoming people that travel to the region to enjoy what the Squirrel Hills Recreation Area and our community offers.”

Terry McLenehan, Minnedosa branch manager

Valley Life Recreation Board members Paul Archbutt and Dave Ternier first met with Minnedosa branch manager Terry McLenehan in early July and from the outset, Terry was enthusiastic about supporting VLR’s plans for the Squirrel Hills Trail Park. While the exact support wasn’t yet known at the time, it was a huge boost of confidence for the entire VLR Board.

“After meeting with Terry McLenehan at Sunrise Credit Union to discuss our plans for the Squirrel Hills area, I was delighted to see his optimism for the project,” said Paul Archbutt, Board Vice-Chairperson. “Our local Credit Union is a prominent fixture in our community, and seeing their enthusiasm compounds the support we have already received.”

The benefits of this trail park will be many and include social, economic, tourism, and physical and mental wellness for our community members. Valley Life Recreation is proud to play a role in all of those things and is deeply grateful to Sunrise Credit Union for their support in helping accomplish this vision of a new outdoor space for everyone.

L-R: Dominique Hampton, Paul Archbutt, Dave Ternier, Terry McLenehan

“The Minnedosa region has a strong reputation for outdoor living and recreation. Our lake, beaches, playgrounds, water park, cabins, and campsites are all evidence of the high standards and reputation of the Valley Life area,” said Dave Ternier, Board Chairperson. “Sunrise Credit Union brings those same high standards and reputation as a financial institution serving our community. We are very pleased to have them supporting this project.”

Through the Squirrel Hills Trail Park initiative, the outdoor-living and “Valley Life” reputation that the Minnedosa region is so well known for will only continue to reach more individuals, both in terms of tourism and with newcomers considering Minnedosa to be the next community they call home.

“On behalf of our members, we’re excited to partner with Valley Life Recreation Inc.,” said Sunrise Credit Union President and CEO Tim Klassen.

“The Squirrel Hills Trail Park will be a fun new amenity for families to enjoy together. Not only does this support growth within the Minnedosa area, but it also improves the wellbeing within the community as new memories are created.”

Tim Klassen, Sunrise Credit Union President and CEO

The Board of Valley Life Recreation wishes to express their sincere appreciation to Sunrise Credit Union for their support and contribution. VLR looks forward to a long and healthy partnership with Sunrise Credit Union as we bring this new outdoor space to the Westman region.

Construction of the Squirrel Hills Trail Park is expected to begin in 2022.

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