FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Minnedosa & District Foundation sponsors the Squirrel Hills Trail Park with $22.5K

Valley Life Recreation (VLR) has some really incredible news that they are thrilled to finally be able to share today.

The Minnedosa and District Foundation website shares that they are committed to “leaving a legacy for the future of our community and the people in it.” When we first read this mission statement, we were confident that our plans for the new Squirrel Hill Trails Park would be a perfect candidate for funding through the foundation. 

VLR Board member Dominique Hampton recently met with Minnedosa and District Foundation chairperson Gaylene Johnson to discuss our plans for the new park. They discussed the trail park plans in an effort to discover if the foundation wanted to be involved in helping VLR create this legacy project for our community. 

After a wonderful meeting, Gaylene took the information and sponsorship package back to her Board for discussion. 

Today, we are elated to announce that the Minnedosa and District Foundation has decided to sponsor the Squirrel Hills Trail Park with a naming-rights-level contribution of $22,500. To say we are humbled by this donation and their words below would be an understatement.

“Minnedosa and District Foundation is proud to support the Valley Life Recreation Inc Squirrel Hills Trail Park project.  The Foundation looks to support projects that will help the community thrive both now and into the future.  The trail development will not only benefit our local citizens of all ages and abilities but will attract new people to visit our area which benefits our business community as well.  The trails and park area will be a great compliment to the other recreation and tourist attractions that currently exist in Minnedosa and surrounding area.”   

– Minnedosa and District Foundation

It is sponsorships like these by foundations like this that reinforce the idea that we are indeed creating something of significance in the Squirrel Hills Trail Park for generations to come.

Minnedosa & District Foundation Chair, Gaylene Johnson presents a cheque to Dave Ternier, Domonique Hampton, and Paul Archbutt of Valley Life Recreation.
Cheque presentation from what will be the trailhead location of the new Squirrel Hills Trail Park. L-R: Dave Ternier (VLR), Dominique Hampton (VLR), Gaylene Johnson (MDF), Paul Archbutt (VLR).
Photo credit: The Minnedosa Tribune

Details of the naming rights that the Minnedosa and District Foundation has acquired will be made public at a later date.

On behalf of the Valley Life Recreation Board, we sincerely thank the Minnedosa and District Foundation for this incredible support of the coming Squirrel Hills Trail Park.


With the first of the six limited Squirrel Hills Trail Park naming rights opportunities now taken, five more remain. If you represent an organization that may be interested in learning more about this part of our sponsorship program, please contact us.

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