Ride Like Ole Anniversary Event

August 20, 2023 | Squirrel Hills Recreation Area

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — On Sunday, August 20, 2023, Valley Life Recreation and family of the late Ole Heie invite you to join them in the Squirrel Hills Recreation Area for the 2 year anniversary celebration of Ride Like Ole. This event will give everyone an in-person opportunity—regardless of their age or ability—to celebrate the incredible Ride Like Ole event which took place two years ago. While many people came to support the riders, cheer them on, and join them for parts of the ride, Ride Like Ole was watched by most people from afar. This event changes that and will allow anyone who wishes to take part.

In the two years since the original Ride Like Ole, an event which saw seven mountain bikers ride an extraordinary 172 KM in a single day across Riding Mountain National Park in Ole’s name, the development of the Squirrel Hills Trail Park has progressed rapidly. Trails have been built, a new trailhead is nearing construction, and the legacy of Ole continues to live on in everyone who has been touched by his story.

In recognition of the original Ride Like Ole event, three members of the Valley Life Recreation Board intend to complete approximately 20 laps of the new Squirrel Hills Recreation Area trails in one day, covering a total distance of about 100 KM with a total elevation gain of 1,675 meters. Members of the mountain biking public are invited to join these riders on the trail for a lap, or two, or whatever their ability allows. The total ride will be long, challenging, and the perfect ode to who Ole was as an athlete and as an individual.

Group hikes will also be planned for the day, ensuring everyone can come out and explore the trails within the comfort and camaraderie of others. Twelve special “Ole rocks” will also be hidden on the trails, ready to be discovered and turned in for special prizes.

This event will embrace Ole’s spirit by encouraging people of all ages and abilities to come out and explore the amazing trails Minnedosa’s Squirrel Hills Recreation Area has to offer in a fun, challenging, and encouraging environment.

When the original Ride Like Ole event was recently awarded a Tribute to Tourism Award for Outstanding Contribution, many individuals expressed regret that they did not know about the event when it first happened, and were therefore unable to be involved or donate in Ole’s name. Through this anniversary event, anyone is invited to participate and if they missed the opportunity before, donations to the trail park in Ole’s name will be accepted once again. (All contributions are tax deductible; see www.valleyliferec.ca/Ole for donation details.)

The event is set to begin from the current trail access parking lot located at the Squirrel Hills Recreation Area just west of Minnedosa, MB at 9:00 AM on Sunday, August 20, 2023 (follow the signage on road #355). Special Ride Like Ole swag will be available and a BBQ is being planned for between 4-6 PM that day when it is anticipated the full ride should come to completion.

You are invited to come out and support Paul Archbutt, Dave Ternier and Tim Frykoda as they attempt this extraordinary ride on the new trails while celebrating the incredible memory of Ole Heie. Whether you come for a lap or two or 20 on your bike, a meditative walk in the woods with one of the planned group hikes, or you just want to come and hang out at the trail head and cheer everyone on, we’d love to see you!

To assist with some basic event planning, please let us know if you intend on joining us by filling in this form.

Everything starts on Sunday, August 20 at 9:00 AM and will run all day. You are invited to join and celebrate with us as we continue to keep Ole’s legacy alive through a space he would have been so proud of that represents Outdoors for Everyone.

To learn more about Ole Heie, please visit www.livelikeOle.ca or check out @livelikeOle on Instagram.

Special Ride Like Ole and Live Like Ole swag will be available with proceeds going toward the Squirrel Hills Trail Park and the Live Like Ole Legacy Fund.

If you’d like to get involved by donating a prize or helping out in any other way, please reach out privately to any of the below organizing committee members or email valleyliferec@gmail.com

Organizing Committee Members: Gwen Usick, Dave Ternier, Paul Archbutt

2 thoughts on “Ride Like Ole Anniversary Event

  1. Hi Dave and other VLR committee members. I’m planning on joining you for part of the bike ride. I’m a complete novice on wheels so I might not rack up too many miles. I’ll bring a few books along for prizes.

    1. Many thanks Mark! Looking forward to seeing you and having you come and do a lap or two with us! As some of the team has been joking…the quicker laps will likely be in the first half of the ride, so for those who want that, they should come then. Things are sure to slow down as the group creeps closer and closer to 20 laps! Ha ha ha!

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