Today, we Ride Like Ole

To our many valued supporters,

Just a few hours ago, at approximately 4:00 AM, four members of the Valley Life Recreation (VLR) Board, a close friend, Ole’s parents (Leigh & Rob Heie), and a dedicated support team that includes Ole’s grandparents and Aunt left their warm cozy beds and began the drive to Inglis, Manitoba. With the rising of the sun at approximately 6:30 AM, the riders set out on their bikes for today’s Ride Like Ole.

What lies before them is a challenge, both physical and mental, that none are treating lightly—a 172 KM single-day mountain bike ride across the entire west-east expanse of Riding Mountain National Park in the name of our late friend, Ole Heie. Ole’s sister Ava will be riding the final 60 KM with them.

The support that so many of you have provided by simply sharing Ole’s story, making donations in his name, or offering support for the ride itself, has been extraordinary. On behalf of the Heie and Usick families, and the VLR Board, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With today being the day of the ride itself, here is what you can expect and what VLR would like you to help us with:

  • Throughout the day, live from the trail, members of the team will be posting updates to our Facebook and Instagramaccounts. We would love to have you engage with the riders there, leaving them words of encouragement during what we know will be a difficult day. They’ll see your motivation during a morning break, lunch at Lake Audy, an afternoon break at the Wishing Well, and at Eastgate when they finish the ride.
  • We’d love for you to share one of our “from-the-trail” posts with your friends and family and encourage others to follow today’s journey. Ole’s story can also be found on our website by sharing this link. Perhaps a few of your friends want to contribute in his name like so many have already done. Let’s share his story with as many as possible so that more might #LiveLikeOle.

Provided all goes well, the riders are expecting to complete the journey 10-12 hours after their 6:30 am start. It is expected they will arrive at Eastgate sometime between 4:30 and 6:30 pm.

Every donation made in Ole’s name means something very special to everyone behind this ride. With Ole’s family, the VLR Board, and trail designer Alex Man, your generosity will be put toward something that stands appropriately for who Ole was and how his legacy should be represented.

The Manitoba Ride Like Ole team would also like to acknowledge two groups of riders out in Camrose, Alberta and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. These two groups have decided that they would like to join us in spirit through rides of their own today as we all Ride Like Ole. That others felt compelled to join in on today through rides of their own fills everyone involved with great pride and joy as we celebrate the memory of Ole Heie.

For those in Minnedosa, VLR Board member Dominique Hampton will be leading a family-appropriate walk/run/ride in Ole’s name. They will be meeting at 9:00 am in front of the Minnedosa Community Conference Centre (MCCC), rain or shine. 

Thank you again for your support and if you’re able to at some point today, get out and Ride Like Ole!!! (Tag your posts with #ridelikeole or #livelikeole.)

– Valley Life Recreation

(If you have future plans to make a donation in Ole’s name, we’ll likely be leaving the pledge page up for a few more days. Every single dollar counts as we approach our fundraising goal in Ole’s name together.)

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